Shocking Video! Girl Harassed In Full Public View

CRB Tech reviews brings to you this motivational video.
The girl in this video takes a share rickshaw. She probably wants to go to the colleges. The girl waits by the roadside for the auto to arrive. As one auto rickshaw arrives, she waves her hand and asks it to stop. The rickshaw stops for her.

There are a total of three guys sitting in the auto. Two are sitting facing the girl as she takes the seat.
One guy is sitting besides the girl. The girl takes her place and sits in available place. The guy sitting besides her sits very close to her. At first he rests his hand besides her arm. Then he rubs his leg with hers. Now he does an act of sleeping and tries to rest his head on her shoulder. She pushes him. He repeats it once again. The guys sitting facing these two watch in shock after seeing the guy’s acts.
In a few moments, the girl turns furious and asks the guy “what is your problem?”  in Hindi. She further queries as to can’t you sit properly? She continues by saying that we girls do not say anything, that doesn’t mean you can do anything. The guy listens quietly. She warns him that the day girls start speaking, he won’t be able to raise even his eyes. She makes him aware of his acts sitting besides her.
Hearing to this, the guy sitting facing also claims that due to a few perverts like the culprit in this video, the entire male communities image is at stake. A single rotten mango rots others as well. Listening to this, the guy jumps from the running auto and flees away. The guys then praises the girl for her courage and grit. He also says that if women like you take such steps then such guys won’t dare to do such acts. They harass as girls do not take a step and continue to keep mum. They are cowards. He requests the girl not to think that all the guys are same like the villain in this video. Finally. at the end of the video, this guy salutes the lady for her act of bravery. Literally! The girl whispers thank you.
Stand firm for yourself. In view of a genuine story. Not all men are same. Simply need to share an idea, If we don’t have the fearlessness to stand firm for ourselves then in what manner would we be able to anticipate that a more peculiar will have the strength to stand firm for us and also by what method will we ever stand firm for others on the off chance that we can’t stand firm for ourselves. Stand for yourself first and others will likewise stand firm for you.   
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