Shah Rukhs unpredictable reaction over Salmans Rape comment

CRB Tech Reviews brings an astonishing reaction by Shah Rukh Khan over the Rape comment on Salman Khan. 
Any individual who has met Shah Rukh Khan or has even perused his meetings would know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, how he doesn’t crumble his words. His conclusions are in that spot, whether you concur with him or no, although the majority of the times you would concur coz his talks are very wise.
In any case, shockingly, he wouldn’t like to take sides with regards to Salman Khan’s rape remark discussion. Yes! At an occasion yesterday, Shah Rukh was requested to remark on Salman’s rape comment yet Shan Rukh kept up an honest and fair stand. 
By switching the entire hypothesis expressing Shah Rukh said that in the most recent couple of years He came to know that He has made a huge number of wrong remarks, himself. He doesn’t think He is somebody to sit in judgment for any other individual’s remark. To be truly legitimate, it is not about taking sides but He himself talks such a great deal (improperly), why should He judge Salman on this and specifically, He doesn’t think He is anybody to remark on this. He is soo wrong himself. He has said some truly wrong things too – from the talks of Shah Rukh Khan.

All things considered, now is that what we anticipated from SRK? I don’t think so! 
Famous people too are after every individual person and people tend to commit mistakes. However, during a period when everybody was wishing to hear a more grounded say from Bollywood’s King, a more grounded stand against Salman and his rape comments, we didn’t anticipate that SRK will turn the tables by pointing the finger at himself for being so improper!
Even, Priyanka Chopra too had as of late responded to Salman’s rape comment but however she redirected the issue to an even critical one by highlighting the rape cases in India.
“As a matter of first importance, you ought to ask the individual who made this remark. It is essential for the media and for us being ladies, to utilize our energy and discuss the genuine issue which is going on in India – each and every day to such a variety of ladies as opposed to push a contention for a feature, which is uncalled for. There is so much reality happening like a merciless rape case in Bihar occurred – why is nobody discussing that issue? A great deal has been said in regards to the Salman issue, I would prefer not to add to the clamor. I would rather bring notice on main problems. The genuine issue to discuss is how to treat out ladies better in India and how to treat ladies better in every way.” – from the talks of Priyanka Chopra.
It’s intriguing how none of the Bollywood celebs need to take sides on this issue. What do you think?
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