Saif Ali Khan Talks About The Controversy Surrounding His Baby’s Name

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Saif Ali Khan’s baby.

New dad Saif Ali Khan may not quite be washing up baby poop but he’s certainly working with the cute part of having a baby in his hands. “He frowns a lot, farts and shouts so Kareena believes he’s a lot like me—a ridiculous, farty yeller!” he says about Taimur, probably the most popular kid in the nation at the time.

That’s great!

The acting professional, no unfamiliar person to controversy—he was charged by the insane edge of fighting Really like Jihad when he married Kareena Kapoor in 2012—speaks out the very first time since the debate over Taimur’s name split out at the end of Dec. And in doing so he attacks a very carefully positive note, caution against needless hand-wringing over right-wing fascists getting over the nation’s lifestyle.




“Social media just causes it to be obvious what everybody believes in a way. There is a lot of privacy from one part of the individuals who are doing the discussion so then you can say whatever they like, and sometimes they get very unpleasant…And that’s excellent. It does not mean that 20, 30 or 40 years back individuals were not considering identical factors but maybe they did not have retail store then.’

“As far as I am involved, celebrities are blessed and our nation is actually still very healthy,” he contributes showing appreciation for the assistance that he and Kareena have obtained in the recent months.




“People talk about the nation becoming right-wing and fascist, and we have all these worries…but the simple reality is that if you look at the type of needless drama over Taimur, there were a lot of comments…I experienced I did not have to say anything because a lot of individuals had verbal smartly and liberally.

Voices that kind of blamed my choice and helped me experience that it’s definitely excellent (to have the opportunity to name his kid as he desired to). “Yes, there were some individuals who brought up some arguments but obviously just to look at ancient record and for making value choice is, I think, absurd, and a lot of individuals have said that on my part. I believe quite certain that we don’t reside in a right-wing community. As Yet. India is still generous and individuals are still free minded,” he said.

If certain individuals get upset about the concept of Love Jihad or over a name, that too, the acting professional experienced was their right. “It’s just one of those techniques where individuals have a voice, and it’s OK for them to discuss it… These are the periods we reside in, but I don’t think it’s the reason to get very worried.”

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