Poonam Pandeys Crazy Ideas for Publicity!

Poonam was excited about the hip twirling classes that she was stepping into the shoes of the eponymous character in her upcoming film, Helen. Be that as it may, an excessive amount of eagerness showed signs of improvement of her when she bent her back. Inevitably, the shooting of the film must be crossed out. In a meeting with IANS, maker Suresh Nakum, said, “We had set up a Rs 1 crore set at a Mumbai studio but we had to eventually dismantle it because Poonam was advised not to dance for a while. But now she is fine and we have planned another schedule this month. The film is an expensive one and we did not want to harm the film or take any risk which would have disturbed the star actress. Now as Poonam is back, the shoot will continue through August and September.” Rajpal feels the name, Helen, itself creates interest and excitement. He was cited in the report as saying that Poonam’s profession will be totally changed after the motion picture. Poonam Pandey injures her back while belly-dancing.


Poonam Pandey dating Vinod Khanna’s son?
Surmise which new big name couple is painting the town red nowadays? It’s our own special exposure ruler Poonam Pandey and veteran on-screen character Vinod Khanna’s son, Sakshi Khanna. The couple has been spotted club-jumping and holding each other’s hands at different events, reports Mid-day.com. As per the report, a source educated that their non-verbal communication uncovers it is more than only companionship between the two. 
Perused further to thoroughly understand Poonam Pandey’s yoga video and why it made it to the advanced patterns. Poonam Pandey appears to have comprehended the craft of making news. Detecting opportunity, Poonam had launched an erotic yoga video on the event of International Yoga Day. In the video, Poonam is seen honing different yoga postures. She has additionally renamed a portion of the asanas. The Nasha on-screen actress had transferred the video on June 18 and it has been seen by more than 1 million individuals till date. Obviously, the video has additionally made a great deal of buzz on Twitter. To such an extent, that #YogaKaroTohPoonamPandeyJaisa was trending in India.
Poonam Pandey keeps on doing one or the other stunts purely for publicity. Take e.g. her offer to go naked had the Indian team won the world cup. And the list continues.

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