OMG! Kareena Kapoor is pregnant

It isn’t only marriage alarms that are buzzing fully in Bollywood but also pregnancy alarms  are buzzing of many superstars. Here is the satisfied information of another queen all set to become a mom very soon! The stunning queen is none other than celebrity Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Saif Ali Khan was seen having a wonderful time vacationing in London, uk a 7 days ago with his begum Kareena Kapoor Khan. The elegant several just arrived in Mumbai. Saif took his begum to London, uk to make her stress free.  
For quite a while now, information of Kareena’s maternity is doing the rounds. Some resources near the couple exposed that Kareena is expecting with their first kid. She is in her second trimester.

Kareena declined having a baby speculation previously also but they don’t seem to be a lie. A little birdie from London, uk verified good information of having a baby. The couple has not reacted on these speculation yet, we are desperately patiently awaiting the verification.
Well well! Rumours and speculations about Kareena Kapoor Khan pregnancy have been doing the units for quite a while now. And they might just end up to be true!
However, Facebook tried placing an end to all the rumors and rubbished such rumours a few weeks ago but all useless. The speculation seem to have been appearance yet again. According to, the Jab We Met celebrity is likely to be three and a half month preggers.
A resource exposed that the elegant several is just back again from their London, uk vacation which was “purely intended for pleasure,” reviews There were any formal verification regarding the same from any friend as none of them select to reply on being approached. 
If the expected speculation end up to be real, Kareena will soon be  becoming a mother in all its wonder. Meanwhile, observe out this area for more! 
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