Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s TV ad brings domestic voilence

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Nawazuddin Siddiqui doing a TV ad.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one acting professional in the industry today, who has producers arranging outside his house with their movies every day.

His has been the ideal rags-to-riches tale, an outsider who imagined big and were able to define a market for himself with effort. So it isn’t uncommon for manufacturers to provide him some profitable recommendations. But there was one such marketing Nawaz shot for that did not make it to the displays. Why? Because it created fun of domestic voilence against females, so to say.

Nawazuddin shot for a Pakistani TVC for a washer product. Though the ad was never telecast, it has visited public networking due to a leak. In it, we see the Bollywood acting professional seated with a number of buddies. While moving some feedback, Nawaz stocks about an argument he had with his spouse. He further boasts about not enduring her mind-set and doing her “dhulayi”.


Just when he believes he has made his buddies proud, the team called out the wife’s name making Nawaz afraid. In the end, Nawaz asks his guys to stop making such humor and calling his spouse. He further reveals the buddies some mark on his arm, indicating that it was actually the spouse who beats him up.

While the TVC might have performed around with the term “dhulayi”, its primary concept didn’t go down well with many who held responsible the organization for prejudiced and misogynist ad, and for discussing about household assault this gently.

After a sequence of slamming from Twiteratti, the organization eventually released an argument on its Tweets handle, apologising and describing why the TVC never created its way to the displays. It also asked for all the webpages on public networking to take away the released video to prevent further flow.

For an acting professional as skilled as Nawazuddin who knows how to choose the right movie programs, we wonder how he ended up deciding upon on such a TVC.

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