MMS Video Of Dirty Dancing By Two Girls In A Hostel Room

Two girls were shot secretly dancing, in fact dirty dancing in a hotel room. One of the two girls looks like she is the elder of them. While the second one is  a bit younger and shorter in height.
The video is said to be from the Comsats University hostel room.This second girl is dancing in a vulgar manner by shaking her booty and assets in an aggressive manner. It also seems that they would pop out of their limits any second. Her cleavage is visible to the fullest.The first girl is dressed properly. By this we mean to say that she is fully covered very well in her Punjabi dress and none of her body parts are visible. But her moves are some kind of vulgar to watch.

The video is shot in a hostel room. At the end of the video, one comes to know that a man is also present in the room and he is shooting the two girls dancing. There is no audio output to the video. That is evident of the fact that the video is taken secretly. Probably a camera in the button of his shirt.

At one point of time, the man is also seen touching her breasts. That is very much shocking to see. The song on which they are shaking their body also cannot be heard due to the mute video. Probably they are copying the steps after watching the song on television. The video is quite decent as compared to other MMS scandals.

Some of the MMS videos directly portray sex while others show intimacy. This video is limited to dancing and exposure. Both the girls in the clip are cute looking and look from good families.

In case of MMS video scandals, the fact is that either they are done as a publicity stunt. In other case they are shot secretly without the awareness of those in it. In the third scenario, the participants are totally aware and they do it for money.

One of the most infamous scandals happened in the DPS public school in the national capital. There after a lot of them have happened and come to light. It doesn’t take much time for them to become viral. People circulate such things over whatsapp and other social media platforms.

Check out the video to watch girls getting dirty.


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