LOL Video : It is A Woman Toilet Prank

We are not new to the term prank. Either we have played it on our friends or ourselves have been a victim of them. It is fun to play pranks unless and until we do not cross the line. CRB Tech reviews presents to you this hilarious video that shows a prank played by a team. The prank can be called as a women changing room prank. The video will leave you laughing! Watch and enjoy.

This is a public toilet, with one end for men and the other for women. At first a man enters the mens section. As soon as he enters inside, the members of the prank team which are stationed outside, change the sign boards outside to that of the opposite sex. The fun just begins there.
When the first man enters inside, he is shocked to see women inside. Even the women inside have the same reaction and scream out loud. Scared, the man flees outside. As he comes out, he sees the women sign board outside and is puzzled. Ha ha ha! Then he goes into the other section (male section). Here as well, the same thing happens. Hell breaks out as the girls inside scream out their lungs. Yes, the girls! Even here there are girls. Poor man, has no where to go.
Now, the second man enters. The same thing is repeated. Then the third and it goes on and on. The viewers enjoy the scene and laugh it out! 
Imagine that this is not a prank and it happens in real. How embarrassing would it be for a man to enter a womens changing room? Fortunately this was just a prank or else these men could have been into deep trouble. No surprise to see them run away and escape from the situation. They must be thinking to get the hell out of there as fast as they can, before they are framed with a sex crime charge.
This is one of an epic prank and many more pranks like these are available on the Internet for viewers to enjoy. You can take a look at them for passing quality time. The actors in the prank have performed really well. If the viewers are not aware that it is a prank, initially, they would think that the video is genuinely shot at a real location. Such is the quality of acting.
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