IIT Madras Student Bashed Up Over Beef Ban

CRB Tech reviews have the latest news regarding beef ban. The controversy surrounding beef ban on Tuesday took an ugly turn, with a Ph.D. student of IIT Madras being beaten purportedly by a few students talking against the “beef fest” held on its campus on Sunday.


The IIT officials late on Tuesday told that an inquiry will be held by the Institute and desired action will be taken in view of its outcome.

R Sooraj, who is a student of the Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle, was professedly attacked by a few students who asserted to be Sangh Parivar supporters, as indicated by the victims’ fellow students.

A student claimed that a gathering of students who owe dependability to the “right wing ideology” cornered Sooraj when he was eating in the mess and beat him up on Tuesday afternoon.

He was taken to IIT-M dispensary and later to an eye clinic for his eye injury.

iit madras beaf fest

The student likewise said that the evening of May 28 and the following day, two students – turn by turn – who had partaken in the beef fest, were threatened by right wing members and a complaint was made to the officials. A senior police official said a formal complaint was yet to be gotten however an inquiry was carried out into the matter.

On Sunday, a few of the students organized a “beef fest” on the campus to dissent the Center’s prohibition on the cattle sale for butchering at animal markets.

A photo, purportedly that of Sooraj being wheeled into a hospital with a right eye injury, is doing the rounds on the social networking platform too.

A spokesperson of IIT Madras stated that there was a squabble between two students and both of them got injured. Promptly, medical attention was provided.

The spokesperson further added saying that an inquiry will be held by the institute and required action will be taken in light of the outcome.

The Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry on Tuesday asked for a report from the institute.

As per sources, the ministry has requested that the institutes’ director to put forth actualities about the occurrence in the wake of addressing both the parties as it was felt that side of just one student was being shown by the media.

The beef fest resounded with comparative protests in different parts of the nation, including the neighboring state of Kerala, against the disputable rule that many say harms a large number of poor farmers and for the most part Muslim and Dalit meat suppliers.

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