Couples Take Advantage of ATMS for Romance

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about the romance the couples have in ATMs.

It is very common in India, now a days where you can find couples romancing each other in public places and irrespective of India being a religious place, we get converted to the westernization.


The best place for romance to most of the couple is either in cinema theatres, or closed ATM, or any car, or any other closed place for private moments.

You can see here in this video, that few couples are romancing each other in a closes ATM.

It is completely airconditioned and no one can see inside what is happening as it has a black sheet covering from outside.

But the couple cannot escape from the sight of the CCTV cameras.

And one can also say that the couples are free and dont worry about witness from cameras.

And this video has been released by the police to caution the people.

It is right now happening in India and there are no further steps taken to avoid it.

The couples are romancing at the benefit of demonetization in ATMs.

It is also said that the couples and the ATMS are guarded with security guards and watchmans.

It is very simple, they just need to put a panel outside ATM, i.e. ATM is out of order

Currently, watchman rests outside, remains aware and partners advantage as much as possible from these actions.

This is a sudden pattern and an authentic disappointment to the community everywhere.


These MMS video has been included with the list of city practice romantic endeavors or any type of public show of love and thereby implementing to the western life.

Such people stay absolutely unaware about their video shoot and their picture damage.

Unfortunately Youtube. com doesn’t bring any configurations to remove some undesirable video clips unless and until it is reported.

Last but not the least, loving is not a sin but it is not good to mess up our valued Indian culture by showing love openly.

Thus our CRB Tech reviews over here has been completed.

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