Check Out Sensational Obscene Party Video of Bollywood Celebrities

The party animals in this video are getting a charge out of the beverages and in addition they appear to be on the stones. Folks are settling on liquor while the other female counterparts are seen drinking soda pops. Those going to the gathering most likely are models, businessperson and other prominent individuals. Kashmira Shah is additionally found in the video however she is not there with her sweetheart Krishna. Rather, she is seen giving a cheek peck to some associate.


This video seems to be of a high profile rave party. Actually a birthday party turned into a rave party. Observe these hot babes dance to the beats of loud music. They are getting seductive and

If you are a party animal then you will love watching this video. These beautiful models are

getting up close and personal on the dance floor. Of course with the guys. Some are engaged

in kissing and smooching the girls while others are getting a bit too close.

Numerous such rave parties continue happening around us. Essentially they are arranged covertly and by and large the welcomes are sent on social networking sites, for example, Facebook and so forth. Numerous a times they are sent in a coded way so that not everybody would comprehend them aside from the beneficiary.

Three prominent models appear through the entire video. One of them is seen wearing a

cream coloured sleeveless top with a blue jeans. The second one is wearing a blue coloured

midi that is off shoulder. While the third one is wearing a mini that too a blue coloured. Blue

seems to be the colour of the night.

Apart from them, many other models can be seen grooving on the loud music. All seem to be heavily drunk and out of sorts. Party culture has set in our Indian society in the past few years. This is a result of the blind following of the western culture. Many pubs and discotheques are present especially in the big cities like Mumbai etc.

Such parties are not only restricted to the film world but also to the sports world as well. IPL is also known to have such late night parties. Generally, the team owners throw them for the players after a win or sometimes just like that.

One of the seasons of IPL came under a scanner due to such controversial parties!

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