Big Boss 10: Om Swami Pees On Indian Television!

CRB Tech reviews has come up with this embarrassing news for you. This time around, it comes from the house of Bigg Boss.

Self-claimed godman Om Swami is back in the Bigg Boss 10 house and is giving trouble to the house-mates all over again. While doing another errand he peed in a jug in the kitchen zone in public view.


As reported before, Bigg Boss presented another extravagance budget task, BB taxi stand wherein Manveer and Bani will be the cabbies while Priyanka will be the traffic police. The whole house has been transformed into a runway track wherein Manveer and Bani need to ride cabs and transport housemates from one place to the next.

Drivers can request whatever cash they need. Presently, in the history of whole of Bigg Boss, no task is finished without contrasts and battles. At the point when housemates decline to drop Om Swami from one place onto the next as he rejects to pay them the real fare requested, to make their lives troublesome Om Swami pees in the kitchen territory in a jug.

Every challenger is given 2000 points to spend on travel and to pay toll/fine to the traffic cop Priyanka. They have the freedom to bargain with them to spare most points.

Every one of the housemates get irate over Om Swami’s nature and Manveer even tries to hit him,but is stopped by others.


Om Swami was summoned to show up under the watchful eyes of a Delhi court today (on December 3). Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) Satish Kumar Arora had issued the arrest warrant, while instructing Omji to show up in the court on the following date of hearing on December 3 furthermore relinquished his safeguard security and surety security. Later, Delhi Court wiped out NBW against Bigg Boss 10’s Om Swami after he showed up in a robbery case filed up by his sibling. He was forced Rs 30,000 fine. The following hearing will take place on February 4, 2017.

In the wake of making an emergency exit from the house, Swami Om returned back once again. Making an entry from the confession room, Swamiji welcomes the housemates who were extremely glad to see him. While Jason gaves him a tight embrace, Rahul taunts him for making a return twice on the show.

Om Swami seems to be in the midst of all wrong reasons these days. It seems that he craves for publicity. After all, the reality show is all for the same.

CRB Tech reviews would keep you updated on the latest happenings.

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