Aishwarya Rai Supports Salman Khan In Latest Controversy!

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan on Tuesday communicated her opinion on the seething discussion over Salman Khan being selected goodwill ambassador of the Indian Olympic contingent, and the vast majority of the media understood her announcement as a sign of backing for her ex.

“I have to say that anyone who is doing good to represent the country or working or speaking or standing for the betterment of art, music or sports, is wonderful and the person needs to be recognized,” said Aishwarya, maintaining a characteristic diplomatic tone.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been in the eye of the tempest following the time when he was named goodwill diplomat of the Indian group for the forthcoming Rio Olympics. A few donning symbols including fabulous competitor Milkha Singh and Olympic bronze medalist wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt, other than government officials, questioned the possibility that Olympics required a Bollywood actor’s endorsement. Numerous in the film business, however, have upheld Salman.

“A statement has been issued and that stands true. A statement has already been given individually as well as by the members of the family. A statement has already been given to the media. And rest, all the queries that need to be answered to the government of India is being done,” said Aishwarya.




While most among the Bollywood part have been aimlessly supporting Salman Khan as the Indian teams Goodwill ambassador at the Olympics, a witty repartee has shockingly originated from the hotshot’s supposed ex Katrina Kaif. “Salman ko leke controversy hai… woh naya cheez hai kya (a controversy pertaining to Salman… is that something new)?!” she said.

Despite the fact that she never specifically mentioned Salman’s name in the remark, or in the event that she felt that Salman fitted such a depiction, the media rushed to decipher her announcement as her backing for Salman in the issue.

In the mean time, at the same event, inquiries were additionally raised over Aishwarya’s name showing up in the Panama papers. She answered saying all key data was being submitted to the government.

After Salman came in the midst of the controversy, Sachin Tendulkar and A R Rahman was approached for representing India as the ambassador of the sports event. Sachin even agreed to the request from the government. Now, Aishwarya’s comment is the latest happening with reference to this news.

Everyone knows about the past relationship between Aish and Salman and the thing that it went topsy and turvy at that point of time. They parted their ways and went ahead in their lives. Now it would be interesting to see what happens after this comment from the beaut.
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