Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s twitter account has been removed

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Twitter posts responds to problems authorized against Abhijeet Bhattacharya declaring he used abusive language against some females by suspending the Bollywood singer’s account

Twitter on Wednesday revoked Bollywood musician Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s consideration after he published a sequence of “offensive” tweets, especially against females.

The move by the microblogging website came after public networking customers charged the 58-year-old musician of using “inappropriate” and “insulting” words.

“Account Suspended: This consideration has been revoked…,” mentioned the content from Twitter posts on his manage.


Abhijeet Bhattacharya musician had obtained flak on the social media website for a number of inflamation related tweets against reporter Swati Chaturvedi, who had authorized a cops issue against him annually ago in summer.

The issue led to his cops arrest. On asking for help, the musician reportedly broke into tears.

The repent did not last long, for the rebellious musician later said he would do it again his words if he needed to.

On May 22, Abhijeet spewed venom at some females Twitter posts customers, such as JNU student-activist Shehla Rashid, which persuaded some of the netizens to file a complaitn with Twitter posts.

“Sincere thanks to everyone for the support. Abhijeet had to remove his twitter update. His Twitter posts consideration has also been revoked,” Shehla tweeted today.

Abhijeet had previously retweeted about the JNU student, “There is rumour she took money for two hours and did not fulfill the consumer… big racket.”

In another twitter update, he had insulted a woman Twitter posts user when she called him out for his incendiary tweets, where he had written, “You Ms Pak. Tell me your cage no? Will achieve there… Will do the favorite pose.”


However, it is uncertain if the choice taken by Tweets is short-term or long lasting.

When approached, Abhijeet informed PTI, “Author Arundhati Roy and other individuals assisting JNU” were behind the revocation of his consideration.

“Yes, I just saw it. They are trying to prevent Paresh Rawal also. All Arundhati and JNU team behind this after Paresh Rawal and I tweeted against Arundhati for her anti-India take a position,” he said.

BJP MP-actor Paresh Rawal started up a row with his comment that writer Roy should be linked with a military vehicle instead of a rock pelter, a referrals to an accident in Kashmir where a protester was used as a “human shield” by protection employees against a mob.

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