9 Awkward Moments that Katrina Kaif Dont Want People to See

Some pictures need to be forgotten…but let’s take a look at them anyways!
Embarrassing moments happen to all of us. The problem is more when you are a celebrity; you don’t have the glory of enduring a bit of ridicule from your friends and then move on. When you are a celebrity you have to pay more because the world is entertained by your mishaps.
Everybody has a past; some candid moments and a few embarrassing throwbacks. Celebrities have a well paid PR team on hand to make sure that their public images are not spoiled by nasty leaks that comes back hunting in future times.
At publicity performances,award ceremonies, movie premiers or live performances, the celebrities prefer to have their personal glam team to ensure their looks remain perfect before getting captured  behind the shutter.
But thanks to internet and social media there is no stopping and the general public is fed with their own curiosities and view what big stars were like before they stepped into the limelight. It comes as a comfort on discovering that deep down, these stars are just like any ordinary human or at least  they happened to be.
Though Katrina is reluctant to discuss her personal life yet human speculations and media’s intervention creates lots of  stirring stories about her. She tries to maintain a perfect look or have a clear image; yet there are some bad days when game is bit off:
1. Kaif during her early modeling days: Its hard to find her unique, but she looks fit.
2. Kaif princess in Malliswari: Her dance moves says it all
3. Katrina Kaif’s Oops moment: a moment that she might want to forget but media won’t let it happen.
4. Wardrobe malfunction: Aah! Kudos to shoddy stuff, awkward designs, spaghetti straps many celebrities had their share at least once in their lifetime
5. Katrina with Salman Khan: Though yet friends but hand in hand moments captured are not fun to see
6. Katrina’s bikini shots: In her effort to portray a well behaved coy girl, she would not like to see these photos flooding her present
7. Katrina Kaif and Boom moments: The movie was her  fresher opportunity; but must be a nightmare she want to forget
8. Katrina’s vacation moments with Ranbir: Kaif lady wants moments to be personal but the leaked pictures; We all have seen…..
9. Katrina snapped during Dhoom 3 promotional event: The lady has flawless skin and a beautiful smile, but everyone has a bad day or at least a bad moment.

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