Watch ‘Struggler Saala’, The Latest Hit Amongst The Marathi Web Series !

CRB Tech reviews brings this to you from the world of Marathi Web Series 2016. The latest to happen on this front is the series ‘Struggler Saala‘. It happens to be a hit amongst the viewers at large.


Struggler Saala the second web series in Marathi post the release of Casting Couch With Amey and Nipun. Struggler Saala web series is about struggling actors in the Marathi film industry. In Struggler Saala series you will see Santosh Juvekar and Kushal Badrike as battling artistes.

Ask any man/lady about town what’s the most recent film they’ve viewed, and more then likely you’ll be notified of the freshest web series on YouTube. It’s been a while now since the Internet has gotten to be synonymous with entertainment. For a greater number of reasons than one.


In an era when censorship is overflowing, where movies experience the ill effects of the subtlest clue of sexuality to awful language, the Internet offers a genuinely necessary respite for producers. To such an extent that now an expanding number of serials and movies are being released online on free platforms like YouTube and Vimeo instead of on conventional stages like TV.

Every one of the Struggler Saala episodes are available on Chavat youtube channel. Till date, there are around 5 episodes released by this series, the most recent one is released on 25th July and first episode was released 3 months back on 14th May.


A classy series of episodes exhibiting what it resembles to be an on-screen character, the procedure, the demonstration of living in it, the truth of it, with a touch of mockery and a hit of cleverness to top it up. A web genuine so popular that considerably writer,director,producer,actor,editor,singer,politician Mahesh Manjarekar couldn’t avoid to tweet about watching episode 5 and supplementing it to be extremely engaging and being an awesome game, tailing he asked for individuals to watch it, capturing the chance of showing up in episode 8, released as of late on Youtube launching the 63 year old veteran actor, lifting individuals’ desires to another level, making a feeling of fervor among all, with expectations of something never observed.


An idea that nobody gave a considered imagining, in a novel presentation of endeavoring endeavors of performing artists to set their foot in the Marathi film industry under the production of Viju Mane productions, gathering actors Santosh Juvekar and Kushal Badrike.


CRB Tech reviews definitely recommends it to be a must watch for everyone. This is the new trend after all !

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