Watch The Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Cube 2.1

CRB Tech reviews brings to you as Deadmau5 presents the most revealing Cube 2.1 behind the scenes look. We are happy to share the same with you all….


In case you’re a Deadmau5 fan, you’ve seen the off camera recordings paving the way to the Lots of Shows In A Row tour, yet what precisely goes down inside Cube 2.1? A considerable measure.

Joel Zimmerman took Mashable – Tech on an elite voyage through the live set up, and it’s as advanced as you can envision. Computerized touch screen “pages” permit him to control, track-by-track, how the mix will turn out. He can likewise control visuals from the DJ corner (which is 2 flights of stairs off the ground). So in spite of the fact that the set rundown order will stay, each show will fluctuate both perceptibly and outwardly, encouraging off the energy of the group.

It’s amusing to watch Joel in his element — he appears to be truly cheerful to flaunt Cube 2.1 and significantly more energized for his Lots of Shows Tour!

In a preview prior this month, TAIT’s Head Creative Officer Adam Davis alluded to the stage production as the world’s most transformed DJ stand… something which can develop with the vitality of the night, and is totally synchronized with the music as well as with the media.

Despite the fact that to watch bits of the execution through recordings offers a minor simulacrum of the sight and sound greatness nearby, it is, in any case, a vital exhibition to observe.

Absolutely from fan-shot recordings of the occasion, plainly Davis was not the slightest bit overselling the display of the Cube 2.1. The solid LED structure is a canvas for an immaculate phantasmagoria. Seemingly, the production is unmatched by that of any of Zimmerman’s counterparts up to this point, spare maybe Eric Prydz’s EPIC setup.

The idea, the level of detailing, and the commitment to technology have genuinely made a standout amongst the most interesting encounters ever. Which is precisely what we require in electronic music. In this way, regardless of whether you are a fanatic of deadmau5 or not, make sure to watch the recordings beneath to get a look into what is certain to be one of the best live shows ever.


Watch and be stunned! That’s all that we can say!!!

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