Watch Awkward Questions Children Ask To Bowl You Over !

Watch Awkward Questions Children Ask To Bowl You Over !
CRB Tech reviews came across this interesting video that shows children asking awkward questions to their parents. All of the parents must have faced this situation one time or the other. Sometimes, the puzzle you in front of guests or your friends. You can feel embarrassed after facing such a situation.
The video begins with a scene, taken in a room. The TV is playing in the room and on a wildlife channel, two monkeys are seen involved in the act. A young kid can be seen watching it. It seems that his father is sitting besides him. After watching it, the kid asks his dad “why are they dancing?”
Wonder what the dad must have answered.
Next, a girl can be seen sleeping on the bed. She has two dolls in her hand. One looks like a Tarzan, while the other doll is a Barbie. Her mother is also there besides her, but cannot be seen in the video. The girl questions her mother that how does papa put a baby inside her stomach? An embarrassing situation for her. Suddenly a hand appears and snatches away the dolls without speaking anything!
In the next scene, a mother, a father and their boy kid are sitting on a sofa. The kid is sitting in between mother and father. He is watching something on the mobile. Suddenly he asks looking at his papa “what does f**k mean?” What is the reaction? Both take attention positions.
The next clip is really funny. A boy is seen sitting in a car. After a few seconds, a sound is heard. The boy immediately asks the question “mom did you fart?”. Only imagine what his mom must have done. Her face must be worth seeing.
In the next scene, a man comes at the door. He has a fat tummy. Mother and her daughter open the door. After the daughter looks at the man, she says to her mom that even the uncle has a baby in his stomach! Nothing more to say.
A kid asks her mother, why do you stand while you pee and why do I sit while doing number two? Check out and just laugh.You can do no more.
The next is even hilarious. A daughter asks her dad as to why they shut the room door at night?
Now, what answers can parents give to such questions from young kids? Only they can know.
CRB Tech reviews has more such entertaining videos for you.   

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