UFC 205 Review: Top 8 Finishes

CRB Tech reviews would review the top 8 climaxes of UFC 202, just for its fans. There is action all round as these top 8 finishes will simply take your breath away. So, let’s begin and take a look at these one by one starting from the 8th position.

UFC 205

Frankie Edgar vs. Chad Mendes :

Frankie Edgar emerged as the winner in this one very easily. Punching Chad in the nose he steps in with his left foot in perfect position; and knocks out Mendes with ease. In the after match interview,
Frankie expressed that he tried to sped up and try and catch Chad. Frankie was aware that he had the power and said so after the match. What a moment!

Stephen Thompson vs Jake Ellenberger:

Here is the fight that stands on the seventh position in the list. Both begin playing defensively for a few moments as they move around the ring predicting each others move. Then suddenly at one moment, comes this round spinning kick from Thompson. It lands on the head of Jake as he collapses to the ground. Stephen said that he listened to his father turned coach who asked him to spin. He simply did it and it worked big time.

Eddie Alvarez vs Rafel Dos Anjos:

This one was nothing else but punching, punching and more punching. That too almost all in the face! Can you believe it? Rafel had no answer but to defend; which did not work. Eddie was all over Rafel’s face. Prior to this he hit Rafel’s face with his knee that probably blew off his confidence. That did the trick for Eddie. No wonder Eddie lifted the championship!

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Jessica Penne:

This time, it was the turn of the girls to fight it out and be on the list of top finishes. In this climax there was blood all over the face. Obviously on Jessica’s as punches came to her left, right and center. Joanna established the Polish power by winning the match comprehensively.

Rashad Evans vs Chuck Liddell:

Just a punch on the jaw! That was it as Rashad Evans knocked down his opponent Chuck to the ground. Chuck came up with this upper cut which Rashad escaped and in return came the jaw punch that did the job. A wow moment for the fans.

Tyron Woodley vs Robbie Lawler:

One hell of a face punch from Woodley and Robbie is thrown to the corner of the ring. Then comes a series of punches from Tyron. Truly he has amazing speed that very few can match. Spectacular performance that made him win the championship.

Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo:

How can a Conor match not be on the list? Here comes the man kicking and punching Jose as both try to reach each other. One mistake from Jose and that lands a Conor punch on his face. That’s it! Game over! That’s world featherweight champion for you. “Precision beats power and timing beats speed” were his words!

Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva:

It’s time for the numero-uno finish of the UFC. Chris Weidman is the winner over here. Kudos! He just knocks Anderson Silva out cold! As he falls down, Chris continues to punch him. The U.S. guy emerges to be the winner. Both in the match and on this list.

CRB Tech reviews keeps bringing to you action from the sporting world. This time its UFC for you.

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