Top 7 Breathtaking Tourist Spots In India

CRB Tech reviews writes on the seven most breathtaking places in India which you must visit before you die. Or else, you have missed something in your life.
1. Stok Range Ladakh:




Ladakh is known to be a beautiful place at a very high altitude. It is full of beauty. At almost 12000 feet, Stok Kangri situated in the Stok Range is a popular place for mountain trekking amongst the mountaineers. It is considered to be the practice ground for Himalayan treks. It is a challenging place to climb and makes one ready for Himalayan treks. It can be said to be a base camp like place for higher altitude treks.

2. Sikkim’s Yumthang Valley:




This heaven on earth is placed in the North of Sikkim. Basically, it is a grazing plain like thing where cattle can feed. The area is surrounded by the Himalayan ranges on almost all its sides. The altitude of the place is 3564 meters above the sea level to be exact. It is known to be the “Valley of Flowers” in the North East region. A beautiful sight of the mountains from the plains. Lush green everywhere. A soothing site for the eyes.
3. Cherrapunji- Nohkalikai Falls:

Cherrapunji is known to be the wettest places on earth. These falls are situated near Cherrapunji. The salient feature about this fall is that it is the tallest falls in India. Name of the falls (in Khasi dialect – “Jump of Ka Likai”) is connected to a legend around a nearby lady, Likai, who after a family catastrophe got to be crazy and hopped off the precipice alongside the falls. An interesting yet sad story associated with the falls. The falls are named after the lady. One more exotic place from the land of the seven sisters.
4. The Andamans:

The group of islands separated from the mainland of India. It is situated in the South of India in the Indian Ocean. Altogether, there are 325 islands with an area of almost seven thousand square kilometers. A beautiful place with clean waters and shores. A glorious history of Veer Savarkar who was imprisoned in a jail over here. Water sports like surfing etc.

5. Drang Drung Glacier, Kargil:

From Srinagar airport, it is a 2 days journey by road to this place. Kargil is known for the war with Pakistan.

6. Kashmir:

It is called as the heaven on earth. The terrorist activities occur in between the scenic beauty of the Dal lake. A house boat stay is a must if you visit this place.

7. Leh:

Leh is known for its road trips on bikes. Capital of Ladakh.

CRB Tech reviews recommends these places for each travel lover.


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