Top 4 Mega Kitchens In India That Serves Delicious Food !

What is required to prepare food for a huge number (thousands) of individuals day in and day out? Is it automation? A considerable measure of labor? An interminable supply of perishables or is it simply pure diligent work and commitment? Indeed, the appropriate response is, all that and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. CRB Tech reviews would like to give you a sneak peek and a few facts about some Indian mega kitchens that will give you some point of view the next time you battle to cook 2 minute noodles for a few of your friends.

  1. The Golden Temple:


The Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab, produces 2,00,000 rotis (Indian staple bread), 1.5 tonnes of dal (lentil soup) and different dishes to 100,000 individuals day in and day out. The free kitchen utilizes 100 LPG gas cylinders and 5,000 kilograms of firewood daily. At the Langar, nobody walks out hungry. Everyone gets a hot feast be of any cast, religion and creed.


  1. Shirdi Temple:


The Sri Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya in Shirdi, Maharashtra, is one of a kind as it is one of the biggest solar kitchens in India. Crosswise over 4 rooftops of the mega kitchen are orchestrated 73 solar panels, each one 16 sq. meters in size, which fuel cooking of almost 40,000 suppers in a solitary day. Other than fresh meals, the kitchen additionally cooks a great many ‘breakfast packets’ that are circulated for free of cost in the early hours of morning.

Shirdi Temple Mega Kitchen

  1. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams:

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams

2.78 lakh laddus prepared each day! Kitchen Staff = 350. 10,000 kilos of ghee, 2,000 kilos of cashewnuts, 12,000 kg of besan, 1,000 kilos of raisins, 600 kg of sugar, 300 kilos of cardamom and 25,000 kilos of sugar on a daily basis!!

Since the foundation of the Tirupati Temple laddu on August 2, 1715, it has been 300 long years!!

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Mega Kitchen

  1. The Indian Railways:


The Indian Railways serves to almost 6 lakh individuals consistently through their on-board pantries, base kitchens and sellers. A kitchen that emerges from the others is the Mumbai Central Base Kitchen of the Western Railways, which has won a prize for brilliance. It gives on time suppers to around 2200 travelers each day. In the spotless kitchen, everyone wears plastic hand gloves and caps and a large portion of the difficult jobs are automated. There are machines that produce 1,500 parathas consistently.

The Indian Railways Mega Kitchen

Well, you must visit these places in your lifetime. At least go there to try out the food (prasad) and feel blessed.

CRB Tech reviews feels that your mouth must have already started watering after reading this.

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