Shocking! Watch Video of This Nasty Girls Fight

In this video, two teenage girls are seen beating the hell out of each other on an open ground. A group of college teens are seen to have gathered at this place. The group consists of both boys and girls. They have come in cars.After reaching to this particular spot, they decide that two girls amongst them would fight each other while the others would shoot their video. All of them agree and the two start fighting in a couple of minutes. One girl amongst the two is wearing a black T shirt and blue jeans. While the other is in a white top and a sky blue jeans. The girl in the white top is hefty in nature as far as their physique is concerned. The other girl is slim and trim.


So one would expect that the hefty girl would simply thrash the other girl. However, the slim girl is a tough nut to crack, once the fight begins. Round 1 begins as both of them begin to slap each other and pull each other’s hair.

After fighting for a while they take a break and then again start fighting before stopping finally.

Road fighting is hand-to-hand battle out in the open spots, between people or gatherings of people.

Not at all like game battling, a road battle may include weapons, different adversaries or exact retribution and has no tenets. The venue is normally an open spot (e.g. a road) and the battle in some cases results in genuine damage and once in a while even death.

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