Selena Gomez Missed Justin Bieber iHeart Performance

Beginning with a stripped back adaptation of ‘Love Yourself’, JB transitioned into the more peppy ‘Company’.
The 22-year-old singer additionally dispatched himself into the group with a move number, which is giving all of us of the feels for his “Motivation” visit.
The best part of the number, in any case, was watching Bieber attempt to explore through the group that had not been legitimately sectioned off. Fans pulled and got at him as he strolled through an off the cuff “path,” and the enduring cam pacing in front lost him a couple times as he got mobbed. 
Security figured out how to section off a zone amidst the group for his last move number, however that didn’t prevent Bieber from snatching a fan from the group to steal a short move before fumblingly running back to the sidelines. Be that as it may, when the cameras cut to Taylor Swift’s table, Selena Gomez was not there.
After Justin strummed along his guitar, the cameras slice to Taylor, in the first place, who was gradually clapping and tasting her drink. At that point, just minutes after the fact after he wrapped up his performance the cameras slice to the table again — and Selena had quite recently arrived. 
In this way, obviously we’re pondering what’s happening between them. Selena went to his concert in Los Angeles on March 23, and a short time later they had a get together in his changing area, had a discussion about getting back together, and he even drove her to her inn. 
There were reports that she was beginning an easygoing romance with singer, Charlie Puth, and Justin was heartbroken over it, as he was truly afraid he would lose her! Notwithstanding, we let you know that both Justin and Selena were anticipating seeing each other at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. 
“Selena hopes to see Justin at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. She dependably gets energized when she knows she’s going to see him. The sparks are dependably there despite time and distance,” an insider let us know. “It’s a treat for her in light of the fact that both their schedules are so busy. If she can simply invest some quality energy with him after the show, that would be shockingly better than a speedy trade backstage.” 
All in all, what was the deal? Is it safe to say that she was just in the restroom for his performance? Then again perhaps she was getting together with him a short time later backstage so she was watching from that point?

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