Record Breaking Kissing Scenes Of 2016 !

Chris, the protagonist in the video is set out to play kissing pranks on girls and for this he is in the European city of Venice. Let’s check out what he actually does.

He stops an approaching girls and asks her to play a game of kiss with him. He asks her whether she is ready. The girl says that she is definitely ready but only for a peck on the neck. To add to it, the guy says that if his chest is found to be the sexiest one she found in the last week then he should get a kiss on his neck.

Now the girl touches his chest with hands as Chris asks whether she felt good. He says “OK, cool” and gets closer to the girl and the two make up right in the street itself. Along with kissing on her neck he also presses her legs. The girl cannot stop laughing. He feels her butts too. Then the guy asks her to give her number. She feeds it in his number.

Now he proceeds further and asks another woman. He explains the funda to this girl as well. But in this case both of them directly start smooching after she feels his chest. Then the usual neck pecks. Both hold each other tightly. He then lifts the girl in his hand and walks away. This continues with a few more blonde babes! Wonder how is he able to achieve this?

A kiss is the touch or squeezing of one’s lips against someone elses or an object. Social intentions of kissing fluctuate generally. Depending upon the way of life and connection, a kiss can express assessments of adoration, energy, sentiment, sexual fascination, sexual action, sexual excitement, love, regard, welcoming, companionship, peace and good fortunes, among numerous others. In a few circumstances a kiss is a custom, formal or typical motion demonstrating dedication, appreciation, or ceremony. The word originated from Old English cyssan (“to kiss”), thus from coss (“a kiss”).

The most ancient reference to kissing-like conduct originates from the Vedas, Sanskrit sacred texts that educated Hinduism, Buddhism and the Jain religion, around 3,500 years prior, as indicated by Vaughn Bryant, an anthropologist at Texas A&M University who expertises in the history of the kiss.

Anthropologists are divided into two schools on the sources of kissing, one trusting that it is instinctual and natural and the other that it developed from what is known as kiss sustaining, a procedure utilized by moms to bolster their newborn children by passing bit nourishment to their infants’ mouths.

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