Never Heard Before Facts About the Movie RHTDM

Amazing Facts Of Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein

 All of you must have watched this movie at least once in your lifetime. If not, then you have surely missed something. Well, do not grudge as CRB Tech reviews is going to tell you about some facts related to this movie. Of course, we are talking about RHTDM.
  1. Maddy’s love at first sight:

I went gaga for the prospect that love could be such marvelous. Rain was only a characteristic wonder for me until Hindi movies let me know that it characterized eternal romance. What’s more, my juvenile personality acknowledged that definition indiscriminately!

Since who can contend with all the romance filled rain melodies, isn’t that so? Unquestionably not me!

  1. Maddy’s honesty:

All things considered, he faked his character to meet Reena (Dia Mirza). He knew she was going to get connected with however he couldn’t have surrendered without as much as attempting to awe her.

Awe he did and it wasn’t simply Reena. Sitting in the crowd, I was awed also. As were numerous others. We knew he was lying yet his chemistry with Reena was the encapsulation of sentiment. His fantastic eyes and her ethereal magnificence… no one on the planet could let me know that wasn’t love!

Maddy arranged for the ideal date for the lady he loved, however it went haywire and consequently, what we saw was one of the best impromptu dates ever. He made us trust that awesome dates aren’t about the ideal setting. All you need is the company of your cherished one and even a panni puri stall could do ponders!


  1. Endless romance:

Each time he took a gander at her with lovelorn eyes and the ambient sounds began playing, I went feeble at the knees. His enthusiasm for her was really unmatched. My adolescent heart was allured by the possibility that once you were in love, genuine logistics don’t make a difference.

Their dreamlike story went to an upsetting stop when Rajeev returned. He attempted to charm the young lady and truly, was very lovable when he sang Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua. His genuine endeavors and alluring persona would have been sufficient to make us pull for him however by then, we’d all begun to look all starry eyed at Maddy.

We truly trusted that Maddy and Reena had a place together.

RHTDM had released around this time in 2001 and Maddy changed my view of love until the end of time. His charming grin and dazzling appeal made us experience passionate feelings for and truly, despite everything we’re swooning!

CRB Tech reviews is glad that the movie has completed this landmark in Bollywood history.

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