Celebs Who Top The 2016 List of Most Followed Users On Twitter

Guess Which Indian Personalities Are There In Twitter Most Followed List?

CRB Tech reviews gives you a rundown of those celebrities who have a huge following on Twitter.
They have almost created various sorts of records with their huge numbers. Even Indian celebrities are in no way behind and appear in leading positions on the list. Let’s check them out one by one.


Katy Perry:
Katy Perry surpassed 92 million Twitter supporters on Wednesday (Jan. 6), denoting another turning point in her rule as Twitter’s most followed after individual. A real feat in true sense. She is ranked number one as far as Twitter and no. of followers are concerned.
Worldwide Rank #1 
No. of followers:  92,310,633
Daily New Followers : 34k
Justin Bieber :
He keeps on breaking Twitter records with his supporter number, which is presently more than 87 million in number – yet less than half of those are genuine Beliebers, the site Socialbakers claims.
Worldwide Rank #2
No. of followers: 87,214,968
Daily New Followers : 50k
Shakira :
The Colombian singer expressed gratitude towards her fans for the backing on her online networking platforms and inscribed a picture of herself on Twitter with the words, “Wow, 35 million! Thanks guys. 35 millones! Increíble! Shak.”
Shakira hit a milestone when she surpassed Puerto Rican whiz Jennifer Lopez as the Latina with the most Twitter devotees.
Worldwide Rank  #19
No. of followers : 39,606,869
Daily New Followers : 16k
Narendra Modi :
Prime minister Narendra Modi has pipped Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan to end up the most took after Indian on social media platform Twitter. As on August 25, Modi had more than 22.1 million supporters on the social media communication stage, while Bachchan by a narrow margin trailed with 22 million at the last tally.
Worldwide Rank #52 
Daily New Followers : 20k
No. of followers : 22,271,477
Amitabh Bachchan :
Without a doubt, Big B is the most famous Indian film star. The “Don” is additionally the Shehanshah of this micro-blogging site. He has officially crossed 20 million imprints, and soon he will achieve 30 million. Every Indian must be hoping so. In any case, what comes as an astonishment is that, regardless of having such an enormous fan following, the superstar was unaware of the alternative of tweeting from his mobile, as of not long ago.
Worldwide Rank #53
No. of followers : 22,092,164
Daily New Followers : 11k
Shah Rukh Khan :
Hotshot Shah Rukh Khan has hit 20 million supporters on Twitter. The actor, who has the second most astounding Twitter supporters for an Indian actor is presently creeping nearer to the No. 1 spot, ruled by mega-star Amitabh Bachchan. Salman Khan, is third on the rundown of actors with 18.2 million and counting.
Worldwide Rank #56
No. of followers : 20, 953, 034
Daily New Followers : 12k
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