How to do a Dubsmash?

CRB Tech reviews over here describe my DUBSMASH VIDEO

Dubsmash is videos clip texting program for iOS and Android operating system created by Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke, and Daniel Taschik.

That’s great!

Using the program, customers can choose a sound documenting or soundbite from films, shows, music, and internet styles and record videos clip of themselves dubbing over that piece of sound.


The app allows customers to lip synchronize over sound segments such as segments of music, films, and popular quotations.

Users can publish their own sound and can add color filtration and written text movement to their files. Users have to save their segments to their gadgets and can then send them via other texting programs.

The app’s makers had previously made two other programs which were not as effective. Their last app prior to Dubsmash was called Starlite, which targeted to allow customers to create music movie clips.

Finding out that this app was too complicated for customers, the makers made the decision to move on to smaller length movie clips with a concentrate on ease of use, creating Dubsmash.

So here are some dubsmash videos done by me, I use this for improving my acting skills and expressions. Basically, I am a mimicry artist and sound specialist.

To be a versatile actor is my dream and therefore this app is very much useful for me and for any aspiring actor.

There are only two things you need to look at

1) Expression with respect to the dialogue

2) Lip Sync

This will create an effect that you are actually delivering the dialogue and into the scene with all the emotions.

All you need to do is you just need to have a smartphone with the internet connection and you need to download the Dubsmash app with symbol D from the play store.

You can register you your email to create an account and there will be many dubsmash listed with a minute dialogue and with language preferences.

For more Dubsmash Videos click the link below:

You can choose any dialogue and listen to it and practice it before you go for a take and then start the video and let the audio play and as the audio, your lip sync and expression should match and if it so then you can export the video and share it in the social media or youtube.

You can check out my youtube link over here.

Thus our CRB Tech reviews over here have been completed.

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