Great Feast Destinations In Mumbai This Ramadan !

The sacred month of Ramadan begins on 27th May Saturday. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, is a holy month for the individuals of Islamic faith, as it was the point at which the Holy Quran was first uncovered as the guiding manual of bad and good, including tales and accounts to direct humankind towards the path of goodness and respectfulness.


On the occasion of Ramadan, for each one of the individuals who fast for the whole day; the nightfall brings along a night long of devouring! Weight reduction can take a backseat for some days as it’s an ideal opportunity to orgy on the chicken shawarmas, kebabs, malpuas, jalebis and a considerable measure of different dishes Ramadan brings along!

CRB Tech reviews bring to you, a list of some of the best eateries to visit this Ramdan. Get to know them, so that you would have multiple options.

  1. Bohri Mohalla:

Bohri Mohalla

Bohri Mohalla in Bhendi Bazar is somewhere else you should visit amid Ramadan and don’t consider returning back without tasting the yummy kebabs there. Haji Tikka is a standout amongst the most well-known stalls in Bohri Mohalla which offers the city’s best kebabs. After you’re finished glutting on the Baida rotis and Kheeri kalejis, hurry to Taj Ice cream for sweet and that is a delectable supper for you!

  1. Minara Masjid:

Minara Masjid

Discuss Ramadan delights and the primary spot that strikes you is the Minara Masjid region at Mohammed Ali Road. Those who’ve been there know how this place just changes into an eating center point at night amid this time of the year. Individuals from all over come here to experience genuine Ramadan dishes! The long extent of food joints has a bounty to offer and as you’re strolling by, you end up having a go at something new in each stall.

  1. Nagdevi Street:

Nagdevi Street

Nagdevi road is somewhat less crowded contrasted with Minara Masjid and Bohri Mohalla. Along these lines, in case you’re up for a more quiet supper, you could come here. This place is synonymous with Bara Handi which comprises of 12 pots containing different delicacies! Additionally, experiment with the Payas and Pichota Haleems which Nagdevi Street is famous for. Badri Sweet Meat Mart adjacent bags of serving the best Malpuas in the city; so don’t forget that!

  1. Family restaurants:

Family restaurants

In case you’re not used to standing and eating in the lanes, then you can experiment with eateries like Noor Mohammedi Hotel, Chinese “n” Grill and Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar. These eateries host specialized Ramadan dishes and are in full demand amid this time.

Ensure you come right on time as you’re probably going to be continued holding up in the event that you don’t.

CRB Tech Reviews feels that by now your mouth must have started watering. What are you waiting for?

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