Funny Video! Drunk Girls Going Mad

Funny Video! Drunk Girls Going Mad
CRB Tech reviews came across this video where drunk girls are seen doing all kinds of mad acts after being high. This particular girl that appears in the video initially, is riding a life size bull toy probably in a mall. It is evident after seeing her that she is in high spirits. She goes on riding until she falls down. One can hear loud music in the background. The girl is enjoying herself, and again climbs on the bull. Shakes her body to the tune. 
The second girl is heavily drunk and is standing in a park may be or at the edge of the road. She is standing nearby a tree. What can one expect from her? She gets close to the tree and hugs it. Rubs her body against the tree. What she does next is really interesting. She starts removing her shorts slowly in front of the public. She is wearing a two piece with shorts. She even does a smooch of the tree bark. The people surrounding her are having a gala time. They are shouting and screaming loud and cheering her. The beauty does the smooch act for quite a few minutes. There is a bottle in her hand. No awards for guessing what is there in the bottle. On public demand, she again kisses the tree bark. Also shakes her booty! Then, two girls come along. May be they are her friends. They take her away.
Next clip is more hilarious. A drunk girl is there in a gym. She is standing on a treadmill and starts it by pressing the button. What else to expect when she is heavily drunk, she has a bad fall. Two of her friends cannot control their laughter as she falls down.
The next chick seen in the video is lying down and singing in the drunk state. She has gone out of control. It looks as if she is lying down in a godown kind of a place. A guy gives her the phone and its her dad’s call. She can’t hold on to it and the phone falls on her face. Her nose gets hurt.
This particular drunk girl does a cart wheel while she is drunk. She does one successfully. Then tries another one but fails and falls to the ground. There is a full show as she does it. May be she has forgotten to wear the undies !
Check out the video and enjoy yourself watching drunk girls do crazy acts. For more, visit CRB Tech reviews.    

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