Epic Transformation! Can You Guess Who This Raabta Actor Is ?

CRB Tech reviews bets that you simply won’t be able to identify this famous actor after looking at this picture. Now that’s what we call a perfect transformation!


In the trailer which has Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon as the lead couple, you may have seen an old man near to the end, conveying a surprise factor to the engaging trailer. Well, without increasing your curiosity, we would like to tell you that the inked old man is none other than Rajkummar Rao!

Surprised? Well, we were too!!!!

Rajkummar Rao is one Bollywood actor who submerges totally into the skin of the character he plays. At the point when Vikramaditya Motwane’s Trapped unfurled in the theaters the critics and the audience couldn’t help lauding the actor and felt as though they are viewing the misery of a caught man as opposed to taking a gander at an actor depicting the narrative of an fictional man. What’s more, now the actor has done it at the end of the day. This time it is Dinesh Vijan’s Raabta which will see the fine actor playing a man of 324 years! The thing is you as of now observed him in Raabta’s trailer however we are almost certain you didn’t recognize him.

Breathing life into the character was not a simple task. The film’s crew carried out 16 look tests before choosing the last one. Film’s director Dinesh Vijan and the Rajkummar sat alongside the team over a few days to get the last look set up. Not just this, a special team from Los Angeles got on board and worked with Zuby Johal of Dirty Hands organization to sketch the look for the actor.


To get the looks right, Rajkummar needed to experience five to six hours of prosthetics consistently to get into his character. Notwithstanding that, his styling was essential, his body stance and voice modulation additionally had to be worked upon. He wore adornments and furthermore got the tattoos required for the character.

Prior to this, we have seen the looks of Rishi Kapoor in Kapoor and Sons, Akshay Kumar in 2.0 and Amitabh Bachchan and Paa amongst others where prosthetics totally changed the on-screen character.

Discussing it, director Dinesh Vijan stated that actor Rajkummar was sufficiently benevolent to help him out. It was difficult be that as it may, he quietly sat through it consistently. The option of using prosthetics to make him totally unrecognizable, excited him as an actor.

CRB Tech reviews appreciates the patience of the actor and efforts taken by the team. Wishing them luck!!!

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