Check Out! This Time Around, The Jalals Are Upto Something….Different!

CRB Tech reviews has been bringing to you prank videos from the Jalals, all this while. You must have enjoyed the videos and laughed.


Even this time we are bringing this video from the Jalals, but guess what? This time it is going to be really different! After watching this, you will feel touched.

Normally, the Jalal brothers have scared the hell out of you with their scary pranks, bombs, guns and all sorts of things. Still, you must have ended up laughing. It has also landed them into trouble with the law. But t his time around, it can make you cry. At least those from the video are doing the same.

Jalal brothers this time around, had decided to return something back to the society. Thanks to their gained popularity and the money. They felt like the excess what they have earned, must be returned back to the society. So, they set out for shopping. They buy life care essentials, food items, mobile phones and tabs, so that people can watch their videos! Jokes apart. Some more shopping like water bottles etc. They put all these into big bags and set out…Here’s what happens next….

Viewers believe that now it has to prank time. But no! They take the bags with them, and hand it over to the poor people living on the streets. Such a touchy gesture! A few receivers get sacred at first, seeing the bags ala arms and ammunition containing. But when they come to know, they are touched. Some cry and express gratitude for such a wonderful Christmas present from the unexpected people.

Helping those in need is what the video shows. Obviously, the Jalals are happy too. On the fun part, even this time they set out in Arab robes with fake beards. This is what scares some of the needy at first. In the background of the video, a lovely song runs expressing the feelings and create vibes for the viewers.

A lovely gesture on the part of them, that helps us keep faith on humanity. In today’s world there is a need of this. All those who can, should pay back to the society in some way or the other. No need that it should be in a big way. It is the intention and feelings that count, after all.

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