Check Out The Real Life Raees : Abdul Latif !

Many of you must have by now watched Shah Rukh Khan starer ‘Raees’. Ever wondered whether there existed any real life ‘Raees‘? Well, CRB Tech reviews would like to tell you about that side of the story, in this particular blog.


Poverty is frequently a door to the universe of crime and the tale of Abdul Latif, a feared gangster in Gujarat amid the late nineties, is an immaculate case of that. It is reputed that the most recent SRK film “Raees” is some what based on the life of Latif who organized his realm around illegal liquor. This is the means by which he moved on from selling alcohol in a betting sanctum to setting up the most dreaded mafia in the state of Gujarat. The character, however, is not confirmed by the film’s makers, to have been based over Abdul Latif.


Latif was shot and killed by the Gujarat police in Ahmedabad in a so called “encounter” in 1997. Apparently, Shah Rukh Khan went to Abdul Latif’s son Mustak Ahmed Abdul Latif Shaikh in Gujarat, two times, to study on his character in the movie and comprehend Abdul Latif, the individual who was the foundation of Shah Rukh’s Raees character.


Abdul Latif is known to have had close associations with Dawood Ibrahim, one of the world’s most feared gangsters and presently hunted by the Interpol. In spite of the fact that Latif’s name did not figure among the 198 accused in association with the 1992 Bombay bomb blasts after his capture, Latif confessed to the law keepers that amid his 15-month stay in Karachi between August 1993 and December 1994, he would meet Dawood every day.

Apparently, Latif, who was slipping away from the police, made a major blunder which prompted to his capture. While in Delhi, he was utilizing a similar public phone service to track his operations in Gujarat and Rajasthan and in his telephonic discourses, he would be heard saying “aisa” a ton, a word Latif was known to accentuate his discussions with.

Shah Rukh Khan’s “Raees” guarantees to have adopted a few parts of the mafia owned by Abdul Latif, yet the makers of the film deny any connections with his story. On the off chance that you are hoping to watch the motion picture, look out for a great deal of dialogues consummation with ‘aisa’, a word Latif was well known for.


So, now you know the story behind the character of Raees Alam, played by SRK. For more of such interesting news, stay in touch with CRB Tech reviews.

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