Check Out These Fearful Animal Fights!

These huge bulldozers, we mean to say the wild bulls or elephants may be an irritation. But its another set of neighbors that cause this pride in the video real trouble. Here the pride of lions is scared away by these elephants. Usually, both these creatures do not cross each others paths in the wild. Safe for both of them. This forms the first clip in this video compilation.
Wonder who would win this fight between a cat and the crocodile. The grey furred cat is not ready to back off. It is giving a run for the money to the fearful reptile. It attacks with its paws and guess what, the crocodile backs away into the water hole built for it. The scene seems to be captured in a zoo. 
A battle between a crocodile and a python is extremely uncommon to happen. You can watch one here. The python tries to loop around the crocodile. Be that as it may, the crocodile gets a handle on its jaws around the reptile as it goes its direction, in this way the anaconda drags away the croc.
What would be more elegant than watching a eagle swiftly descending from a height on to its prey. This time its a small wolf who is the meal. The wolf is seen running on the ground as the eagle strikes with its powerful claws and sharp pin pointed beak. The eagle snatches around the neck area of the wolf and sends it down to the ground. A second eagle comes from behind and attacks the wolf as well. Wonder if the wolf is saved or falls prey to this strong bird.
The mother leopard watches with patience, but the cub does not wait and launches an attack on the jackal who tries to steal the killed prey. Both are not ready to give up as the battle it out fiercely. There are loud groans going around. There is biting and throwing each other in air. The leopard cub overpowers the jackal but lacks the skill to kill it. The other jackal seizes the chance meanwhile. The mother leopard is watching from the sidelines.
In the last clip, a huge hyena and a leopard who seem to be stuck into a huge trench are pouncing on one another as the leopard cubs watch from the top. The look scared.
Animal fights are always a treat to watch.  

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