A Friend In Need Is A Friend In Deed !

True Friends Wont Grow Apart Even If They Dont Talk Everyday !

CRB Tech reviews salutes the only chosen relationship called friendship. Here is a take on the same topic. By that we mean, various aspects related to this topic.


Throughout the years our needs have changed, our objectives have changed, nonetheless, despite everything, one has that perfect feeling inside which keeps things going, that wherever life takes people, one can simply locate a home in a great old companion.

We as a whole know why! Since long distance friendship couldn’t care less in the event that they talk about similar things amid every one of their gatherings, the bond fortifies amid those discussions when they are not notwithstanding acknowledging it. It resembles they are remembering their brilliant time again with a similar old inside jokes.

The best part about them is that you needn’t bother with that unbridled minimal green spot adjacent to their name each time you need to impart your secret to them on the grounds that regardless of the possibility that they are ‘undetectable’, you know they are still there, no inquiries made.

Trust me, keeping up with friends is a cognizant choice. It requires a great deal of work – accessibility, steady communication and, more often than not, cuss words. Be that as it may, a few friends develop with time, and the ‘looking after part’ quits concerning us. Why you inquire? Since those individuals remain in a similar place always, regardless of the separation or time.


Recently, while I was sitting at the feasting table eating, my telephone beeped. It was a message from an old companion asking me my Diwali arranges as she was getting back home for the celebration. Everything I could do was attempt… attempt to recollect the last time we had met… also, I failed.

One can understand that one can’t talk at a similar rate or joint at an indistinguishable rate from he or she matures. But still, one can try his or her best to maintain this selfless bond called friendship. Remember, this is the only relationship which we choose at our will. Rest all relationships are formed when we are born. Friendships also transform into love, many a times. While, it continues to be friendship the other times. So, cherish this beautiful bond and shout-out loud and celebrate when your gang is together.

After all, it is a beautiful thing to have good friends by your side. Ones which will stand by you in your highs as well as your lows. Cheers to friendship from CRB Tech reviews!! 

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