5 facts about Hanuman Jayanthi

Known to as an incarnation of Lord Shiva by some, Hanuman’s commitment and heroics assisted Lord Rama defeated Ravana in the war, which took place after Sita’s abduction.

But there are several other features Hanuman is known for and which all of us should imbibe in one way or another and that is what our CRB Tech reviews over here is all about.


Here are five of them:

1. Perseverance

The determination to discover Sita and to control his ‘Prabhu’s’ unpleasant condition due to the same, made Hanuman the hero Lord Rama required the most during those trying times. Having devoted his whole life to discovering Sita, Hanuman braved several obstacles to gradually achieve Lanka and discover Sita. He provided to help her escape but she rejected, saying Rama’s honor is at share and she would not threat that at any price. Hanuman then went back again to Rama and gradually set Lanka burning with his tail.

Lesson to learn: A certain Shah Rukh Khan once said in Om Shanti Om that if you really, really want and engage in something, the whole galaxy conspires to turn it into a reality. Determination. That’s what Hanuman represents and instructs by example.

2. Pragmatism

He shape-shifted, lifted hills and used his tail to burn down Lanka. Hanuman’s functionality and capability to target the work taking place might as well be an idol in itself. His war-winning techniques and tactics, more often than not, stored the life and honor of many.

Lesson to learn: Well, understand to ‘shape-shift’; by that we mean that you should understand to prioritise and adjust as per the need of the time.


3. Strength

The psychological and physical strength of Hanuman probably need no mention, but we’ll take the freedom to discuss it anyway. When Lord Rama’s sibling Lakshmana was injured during the course of an argument with Ravana’s son, Indrajit, Hanuman was required to bring the Sanjeevani booti before sun rise. Eventually thinking, he made a decision to become several timess larger than his unique dimension and covered the sun from rising. Hanuman’s in order to acknowledge the natural herb made him raise the whole hill.

Lesson to learn: Strength of thoughts and whole body, anyone? Be it physical fitness and meditation to make the mind powerful, do whatever it requires so you can be a ninja when it’s required the most.

4. Comic Sense

Even in the most testing of times, Hanuman made it a spot to sustain his senseof humor. For example, sufficient time when he got himself deliberately taken by Ravana’s son, Indrajit, only to evaluate the latter’s durability. Or plenty of time with having his tail set burning and he began to increase its length. Even in the TV adaptation of Ramayana, most of the comic-relief came via Hanuman.

Lesson to learn: Sulking in a challenging scenario is very practical, but cheerful and placing up a fearless battle is the things actual characters are created of. Go on, do it. Seems excellent.

5. Selflessness, commitment and humility

It won’t be incorrect to say that Hanuman was the embodiment of selflessness. He devoted a major part with his youngsters to Lord Rama and Sita and went down in the past as their most serious devotee.

He was increasingly faithful and associated Lord Rama throughout. Also, despite his actual expertise and paranormal capabilities, he was quite modest and was always seen with folded arms. These features make Hanuman the most well known of devotees to ever have persisted.

Lesson to learn: You might know your powerful points inside-out, but you’re probably on your own that also knows your weak points inside-out. Bear in mind those and strike a stability. Be modest.

Thus our CRB Tech reviews over here has been completed.

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