5 Breathtaking Scenic Places Near To Mumbai and Pune

We are always on the search for nearby places with natural beauty to visit on weekends. Especially, those people who live in cosmopolitan cities like Pune and Mumbai. To make your task easier, CRB Tech reviews provides you this guide on some breathtaking getaways nearby twin cities of Mumbai and Pune. You can simply start visiting them one by one.
1. Lohagad:
This fort is at a distance of 75 km from Pune and 90 km from Mumbai. The ideal spot for nature lovers, photography lovers, trekkers etc. It has a fabulous beautiful view from the top. All the greenery around, enormous rocks taking a gander at you and the downpours which will add a flavor to your visit to Lohagadh. The climb up is thrilling and challenging. You should visit this spot.
2. Tamhini Ghat:
Situated about 80 km from Mumbai and 70km from Pune, this place is equidistant from both the places. The drive to Tamhini ghat is a breathtaking experience, especially during the rainy days. The drive is full of waterfalls along the side of the road. Many of them are even easily accessible and many enjoy a bath in the falls. Tourists flaunt this place in the monsoon season. This place is green almost all the year round. Must visit for a splendid experience.
3. Diveagar Beach:
Diveagar (Dive Agar) is situated in Shrivardhan Taluka, Raigad region in the Indian state of Maharashtra, roughly 170 kilometers south of Mumbai. The area there is spotless clean and tidy. The populace is additionally less there. The region is serene with beaches and natural beauty. It is still some kind of a virgin beach with not much popular amongst the tourists. So, if you want to just sit and relax listening to the sound of the waves of the sea, this is the ideal place to be. 160 km from Pune and 190 km from Mumbai.
4. Charlotte Lake:
Charlotte Lake, additionally spelt as ‘Sharlott Lake’ is a standout amongst the most fantastic and pictorial spots to be found in the beauteous town of Matheran. Found only 1 kilometer far from the main market of Matheran, the radiant Charlotte Lake shows up exceedingly pompous and dazzling especially in the rainy season. Outfitting as the prime source of drinking water for Matheran and the encompassing area, the Charlotte Lake additionally comes as the most remarkable and essential excursion spot of this Hill Resort.
5. Bhandardara:
Bhandardara is brimming with attractions – from Wilson Dam to Arthur Lake. As legend has it, Shri Agasti Rishi pondered here for a year, surviving just on water and air, satisfied with this presentation of devotion, God came down and favored Shri Agasti Rishi with a surge of the Ganges stream, which is currently known as the Pravara River.
CRB Tech reviews recommends you to drive down to these places on weekends.

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