28th December : The Birthday of Two Great Entrepreneurs!

Come December and it is the birthday month, as many famous personalities celebrate their birthdays.

CRB Tech reviews is going to talk here, about two such great Indian businessmen, whose birthday lies in December.


In India, if the business world is to drive one’s dialect, the name of Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata would be there in the forefront. These are the names who accomplished this deed all alone, it is the fantasy of each individual to have.

Born on December 28, both of the industrialists Ratan Tata was born in even a substantial and rich family, yet he had accomplishment on the quality of their battles and diligent work. Dhirubhai Ambani was the opposite case.

Dhirubhai began to earn by selling pakoras, after which he went to Yemen for the Rs 300 per month job. At that point he returned to India’s Ambani group is presently called the realm of his two children are taking care of.

From the first day in business and daily experiences, both exquisite and sweet industry is depicted in his own particular words and they know that such things could change your life, as well.

On the other hand,

Ratan Naval Tata, GBE born on 28th December 1937 is an Indian agent, financial master, donor and between time official of Tata Sons. He is the chief of Tata Group, a Mumbai-based overall business mix from 1991 till 2012 and again from 24 October 2016 for interim term, and continues heading its philanthropic trusts. He is the recipient of two of the most well known non military awards of India–Padma Vibhushan (2008) and Padma Bhushan (2000).

Here are some famous things in which both these stalwarts believed in:

Ratan Tata:

  • Do that thing which you enjoy the most.

  • Change is the only constant thing. A straight line in even an ECG, means death

  • A person should be able to identify life’s opportunities and challenges based on their capacities and circumstances.


Dhirubhai Ambani:

  • Earning profit does not need an invitation.

  • ‘No’ word is not there in my dictionary and I do not hear it.

  • Deadline is not sufficient to finish a task, it should be over ahead of time.

  • If you do not build your dream, some other person will hire you to builds theirs.


Really inspirational lines coming from these two genius entrepreneurs. Each of us should get a lesson out of it and preach at least some of them.

CRB Tech reviews wishes both of them a very happy birthday!

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