17 Effects of Excessive Masturbation

CRB Tech reviews feels that this is a taboo subject to speak on, at least in our country. In spite of the fact that this is true, it is necessary that one is aware of the Effects of Excessive Masturbation. This is the sole purpose behind writing this blog.


Masturbation is a habit practiced by numerous individuals everywhere throughout the world; it defies the life of the vast majority of the youths these days than whatever other issues they confront. Some of them are given wrong data by their companions and are urged to jerk off just as they do. To prevent this, here are some harmful effects that you need to know before you think of doing it the next time.
1. The white liquid that gets discharged on masturbation contains proteins that are required for some metabolic activities and cell development. Proteins are the building pieces of our body; discharge regularly will make you to be incline and occupies your digestion system off muscle building.
2. Masturbation is impossible easy way, it needs to see, touch, enjoy or, finally to think about a sexual practice/sex organ of the opposite gender. This is more unsafe that the picture in your memory that you see couldn’t be deleted effectively. This will lead you to a harmful issue that you can’t see any young lady/woman/ladies without a solitary thought i.e., sex.
3. Overdoing it lessens the sperm count and affects during pregnancy in partners, after marriage. 
4. It may lead to both stress and strain in your mind and body.
5. It is considered to be a major reason for erectile dysfunction.
6. Masturbation weakens you lessening calcium and proteins from the body.
7. It is addictive and becomes difficult for you to abstain from it.
8. May lead to nervous system related problems.
9. It is just a waste of time.
10. The habit makes you do it when you are not having real urge.
11. The pleasure driven from it does not last long.
12. Masturbation incites homosexuals in schools, universities and hostels. Commonly the last makes sexually transmitted ailments like VD, syphilis, AIDS and so on.
13. There is a danger of loosing interest in actual sex after marriage, due to this habit in teenage years.
14. This habit may result into loss of your memory and thinking ability.
15. Morally masturbation isn’t right; you consider X/Y and do sex of your own. This thwarts your qualities and admiration for others. You might be are great in every single other respect yet will wind up in an incredible issue if not cared to stop this propensity.
16. It might create a feeling of depression and disappointment after doing it.
17. Leads to loss of energy.
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