13 Interesting Characters You Would Find In Every Indian Hostel !

CRB Tech reviews will tell you about some interesting type of characters that one would find in any boys hostel in India. A few of these you must have seen by yourself or been one of these! Do a deja vu and see for yourself.


There’s just a single word to portray the environment inside of a boys hostel – unbelievable and unrealistic. A pariah can never envision what goes inside. From those late night boy converses with restless evenings before exams, from night-outs to Counter Strike, from battling about senseless issues to making long lasting best pals, there are just a couple encounters that can approach.

Here is the collection of 13 varied types of guys that are a part of every boys hostel in India:

  1. Guy who is aware of every girl:

Guy who is aware of every girl

There are these types who know or pretend to know every girl you put your eyes on. Just like a walking-talking database. He can be called the database guy. They can be taught talking like Yes, I know that girl. Pooja, 4th semester, from Lucknow, has a boyfriend, has a tattoo on her left forearm”

  1. The Chal, daru peetay hai’ types:

lets drink

These are the ones who are eveready! We are talking in terms of boozing. Be it a celebration, failure or anything else. They just need a reason.

  1. The flirtatious types:

flirtatious types

The one who scores apart from marks. We hope you got it!

  1. The on-call guys:

on-call guys

They are the ones with genuine girlfriends. After the ‘in time’ of girls hostel, they can be found at any dull place in the lodging: halls, staircases, bushes, under the floor covering and so on conversing with their sweethearts over their phones.

  1. Politician:


The leader of the lot. From challenging crappy canteen food to arranging Age of Empire matches, he can complete it (by another person).

  1. The Feku:

salim feku

They turn stories and gossipy tidbits. From experiences with the inverse sex to outsiders, they have done it all. (in their discussions, of course).

  1. The gamer ones:


These are the ones who are hooked to their PC’s and PSP’s all day and all night long.

  1. Guy knowing everything:

knowing everything

Be cautious before citing crazy data before them. They’ve Wikipedia on speed-dial and just stick around in Quora.

  1. The body builder types:


Workouts, gyms, eggs, supplements oats and milk. It’s the world for them.

  1. Stinky ones:


Each boys hostel has this record: The number of days one has spent without having a bath. Be that as it may, some consider it more important.

  1. The lonely one:


Genuine folks with a genuine face who get a kick out of the chance to invest their own sweet time gazing at the wall inside their own particular room. Phew.

  1. The religious one:


They are the ones who will attempt and prevent you from eating non-veg amid shravan month. Be that as it may, you will even now have it.

  1. The guy arranging fests:


Arranges tech occasions, social fests and pockets cash. This is called ‘corruption at grassroot level‘.

Hope that you enjoyed this blog from CRB Tech reviews. Next time, you will be able to relate when you see one.

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